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Bolen hosts Brew Aware at Campion College

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Brew Aware attracted students, alumni, staff and friends to a question-and-answer session with Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen Jan. 29. The event was held in the senior common room of Campion College and was billed as an open session with no subject limits, which Bolen repeated in his opening remarks.

His opening remarks provided insight into his theological and personal interests. He is currently deeply invested in the Truth and Reconciliation process. He talked about his work in Rome with the Pontifical Commission on Christian unity; his continuing interest and involvement in ecumenism; his PhD journey and his thesis idea — Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue — that never came to fruition because his time was at capacity.

The archbishop told the informal group that Catholics are not very good at articulating our faith, “although we are getting better at it,” he said. “It certainly is a challenge for us today to become articulate about giving the reasons for our faith.”

Another of his theological interests is the philosophical question, “Why did God create us the way we are?”

“I had this academic idea that it would be wonderful to look at various aspects of human experience, starting with birth and drawing in all the disciplines and the arts and sciences. This is a rather vast project and no one has bothered to take it on” — which prompted one member of the audience to remark, “We’re waiting for you.”

The first question asked of the archbishop was about his own human experience on the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage which he completed with a few family and friends in the summer of 2016, prior to his installation as archbishop of Regina. The people at Brew Aware were impressed that Bolen had completed the gruelling 800-km route to the shrine of St. James the Great in Galicia, Spain.

Brew Aware was created to bring together young people of the Regina archdiocese in dialogue with the archbishop “and to have a little fun,” said Deacon Joe Lang, who was appointed to a Ministry to Youth at Campion College by the late Archbishop Daniel Bohan. Lang works as a consultant with the Regina Roman Catholic School Division but his ministry is at Campion.

“I think it went well,” said Lang of the first-time event and he expressed a desire for something similar in the future.

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